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Dragonfly Solid Perfume

Dragonfly Solid Perfume


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  • Our solid perfumes are a great alternative to traditional liquid perfume. They are made using only all-natural ingredients including locally-sourced beeswax and skin nourishing jojoba oil, and scented with pure essential oils rather than synthetic, chemical based fragrance oils.

    Solid perfumes last longer than their liquid counterparts because they don't contain a high percentage of alcohol or water, which can dry out your skin and evaporate on contact. Instead, the scent develops slowly over time, allowing the deeper notes to come out and react with your body's own temperature and chemistry.

    Each solid perfume comes in a small metal tin with a lid and won't break or leak. Their small size and light weight also makes them ideal for carrying them with you on the go. You can place one in your backpack, carry on, gym bag, purse, car, or slide it into your pocket, allowing you to discreetly add more throughout the day.

    Finally, our solid perfume scents tend to be mild so you won’t be leaving a trail through the room or subjecting everyone else to your choice of fragrance. They are a great way to enjoy some mood-boosting aromatherapy throughout your day, and only you, and those you are up close and personal with will get to enjoy your unique smell.

  • Named in tribute to the region's incredible canyons, our solid perfumes feature some of our more traditionally feminine scent profiles and are as adventure-ready as you are! Ranging from light florals to earthy spice, these solid scents will brighten your day. Signature scents can be a wonderful way to build memories and celebrate your uniqueness!

    Dragonfly is our most floral scent. It brings together the light touch of jasmine with the sweet, rich, slightly musky notes of rose. Spicy, slightly heady ylang ylang rounds out this uplifting scent. Clean, bright, and delightful!

  • Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil of Jasmine, Rose Absolute, & Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

  • Directions: Rub your fingertips along the surface of the perfume, warm a small amount between your thumb and fingers, and then dab onto your pulse points (wrists, neck, throat, chest, or back of your ears). As the scent warms up on your skin, the aroma will emerge. Reapply as needed.

    Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

    Scent Strength: Medium

    Scent Notes: Sweet, Floral, Citrus, Musky

    Size: Each tin measures approximately 2 x 3/4 inches.

    Weight: Each tin contains approximately 1 ounce of perfume by volume.

    Being handmade and all natural, our perfumes vary a little from tin to tin and batch to batch.